Champion Level Disc Golf

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Our favorite disc golf videos for backhand power throwing — Chapter 10

Number Length Title Featuring
1 37:42 Dave Feldberg Disc Golf Clinic 2017 – Improve Your Game & Driving Tips Dave Feldberg
2 5:09 Increase Your Distance – a Tip From David Feldberg Dave Feldberg
3 17:15 Disc Golf X-Step Deep Dive | Discraft Level Up Brian Earhart
4 19:12 FORM COMPARISON!! Why can I throw 100 feet further than Casey?? Simon Lizotte
5 13:31 FORM CRITIQUE AND DISTANCE TIPS by Simon Lizotte Simon Lizotte
7 11:39 Backhand Footwork & Brace | Pro Form Analysis (ft. Simon Lizotte & Drew Gibson) Overthrow Disc Golf, Drew Gibson, Simon Lizotte
8 1:56 David Wiggins Jr. distance demo the range of 500-700ft. Super slow motion. David Wiggins Jr.
9 7:47 Albert Tamm 710 Foot Drive On Repeat And At Different Angles For Your Study Albert Tamm
10 3:15 Power Pocket Explained!! (For Distance) – Disc Golf Ezra Aderhold
11 2:15 2 Tips For More Distance!!! – Disc Golf – Ezra Aderhold Ezra Aderhold
12 12:40 How I Threw 679′ in the PDGA Worlds DISTANCE Contest!!!! // How To Throw Max Distance Ezra Aderhold
13 3:58 This Is The BEST DRILL In Disc Golf!!!! Ezra Aderhold
14 8:25 Still can’t throw over 400ft? Do this simple trick! Joel Freeman
15 7:44 THIS is the secret to big distance? | Danny Lindahl Physics of Form ep. 1 Danny Lindahl
16 9:23 Why you throw nose up (and when that’s a good thing!) | Physics of Form Ep. 2 Danny Lindahl
17 8:16 How pros use their other arm to throw farther! | Physics of Form ep. 3 Danny Lindahl
18 11:00 How to use your hips to add distance! | Physics of Form Ep. 4 Danny Lindahl
19 9:04 How to get the Nose Down on your Backhand Overthrow Disc Golf
20 6:12 Max Motion Sequence [Drill…ish] Overthrow Disc Golf
21 6:39 Why I don’t call it a Reachback Overthrow Disc Golf
22 4:27 Nose Angle Cheat | Finding Your Perfect Grip to Throw Nose Down Overthrow Disc Golf
23 13:50 How to Throw Farther in One Week (and attempting to break 500ft!) Trash Panda Disc Golf
24 16:33 Secret of the Rubber Band Effect – Disc Golf Ben’s Big Drive
25 15:39 How To Brace CORRECTLY – Disc Golf Ben’s Big Drive
26 8:35 Why you CAN’T Throw Far…What the PROS really do for Big Distance Sling Shot Disc Golf
27 7:06 Improve your Backhand Form with Better Timing | Disc Golf Form Tips Sling Shot Disc Golf
28 20:05 How To Throw Far with Drew Gibson (Really Far) Brodie Smith, Drew Gibson