Advance Praise for Champion Level Disc Golf, by Disc Golfers

This book is like Crater Lake for disc golf. That’s right… it’s amazingly deep. I think I know a good bit about the game, and yet somehow I learned very useful things on virtually every page. I found the scientific analysis especially fascinating.

I really believe this will become the bible of serious disc golf play… an instant classic. There’s so much in here that it will also serve as an ongoing resource, bringing readers back over time as they encounter challenges in the sport.

Dan “Stork” Roddick, PDGA #003

This book is super cool. I am teaching disc golf and playing competitively. This book took me deeper into several topics that I only considered on the surface. I can’t wait to read the final version.

Luisa Bartolome, PDGA #124255

The delicate details in this book stand out tremendously! As I read the “greatest disc golf shot ever,” I felt like I was there watching it in person, feeling all the emotions of the players and the fans. It gave me chills.

Jaden Rye, PDGA #153363

People mentioned in the book:

Aderhold, Ezra; Agassi, Andre; Antilla, Niklas; Armory Disc Golf; Ballesteros, Seve; Barsby, Gregg; Ben’s Big Drive; Best Disc Golf Discs; Bonopane, Alan; Branch, Todd; Brathwaite, Philo; Buhr, Gannon; Central Coast Disc Golf; Clemons, Chris; Climo, Ken; Crampton, Bruce; Crump, Billy; Curry, Steph; Disc Golf Strong; Dunipace, Dave; Duvall, Harold; E3 Rehab; Earhart, Brian; Ekström, Tomas; Els, Ernie; Ericsson, Anders; Federer, Roger; Ferrans, Sam; Floyd, Raymond; Freeman, Joel; Furyk, Jim; Garcia, Sergio; Garza, Andres; Geare, Gerry; Gibson, Drew; gozenonline; Gretzky, Wayne; Gurthie, Garret; Hagen, Walter; Headrick, Ed; Heimburg, Calvin; Hogan, Ben; Hokom, Sarah; Howard, Carlton; Jenkins, Avery; Johnson, Dr. Stancil; JomezPro; Jones, Bobby; Jones, Kevin; Jordan, Michael; JustDisc; King, Hailey; Kirkland, Cody; Kirkland, John; Koling, Jeremy; Kowalski, Javier; Kramer, Chandler; Lakeberg, Lauren E.; Lee, Bruce; Lindahl, Danny; Lizotte, Simon; Marwede, Andrew; McBeth, Paul; McCray, JohnE; McCumber, Mark; McMahon, Eagle; Mela, Joe; Nadal, Rafael; Nicklaus, Jack; Nilsson, Pia; Oakley, Eric; onlyatdaves; Overthrow Disc Golf; Palmer, Arnold; Palmeri, Jim; Parent, Dr. Joseph; Pierce, Paige; Player, Gary; Redalen, Cole; Ricciotti, Cynthia; Rico, Bamba; Robinson, Isaac; Robinson, Isaac; Roddick, Dan “Stork”; Roddick, Jack; Rotella, Dr. Bob; Russel, Ron; Schack, Alan; Sexton, Nate; Sheldon, Ryan; Shultz, Barry; Sling Shot Disc Golf; SmallBoreOutlaw Disc Golf; Smith, Brodie; Snead, Sam; Stokely, Scott; Tanner, Tristan; Tannier, Kankyo; Tartakower, Savielly; Tattar, Kristin; Taylor, Chris; Tews, Alex; Todd, Cameron; Tomas, Lea; Trash Panda Disc Golf; Valencia, Steve; Vardon, Harry; Watson, Jeff; Wiggins Jr., David; Wilchek, Don; Williams, Bradley; Wolfe, Lavone; Woods, Tiger; Wysocki, Ricky; Young, Mike

Editor: Rick LeBeau, PDGA #1470

Artwork and cover design: Kent Johnson, PDGA #4547

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