Ricky Wysocki

When I came into the sport, Dave was a legend, and still is. He worked closely with me, sharing his knowledge of biomechanics. We developed an innovative training method to personalize my putting style. I’ll always be grateful for his insights.

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Improve your scores!

We cover everything that impacts scoring. Learn to increase your putting percentage, avoid competitive tension, get max distance, hit the gaps, maintain focus, use rules strategically, make correct risk/reward decisions, avoid bogeys, and apply Zen and psychology to relax.

We show you how to practice all of this as efficiently as possible. We’ve competed for 70 combined years, and won 32 world and US championships.

BONUS: Ricky Wysocki and Hailey King tell you how they train and how they win. And we include links to over 120 of the very best disc golf videos on YouTube!

We guarantee you’ll want to read this epic book twice. Put your frustrating tournament performances behind you–start enjoying the game much more.

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